Support for Audio Downloads

iOS Audio Download Limitations
While mp3 messages can be downloaded to Android, Windows, and Mac devices, there are issues with iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones. iOS devices are designed for music to be downloaded using iTunes from the music store.   iPhones and iPads do not have the ability to download and store mp3 files from web sites.  Files on our web site can be played in the browser, assuming you have a continuous internet connection.  If you would like to be able to store and play back the audio directly from your device here are some apps for downloading audio files.

Easy Downloader (eDl Lite and eDl Pro)
Easy Downloader (eDl) is an all-in-one Download Manager app with fast download capabilities and file management features.  The free version contains Ads, but there is a paid version.  This app has an embedded browser that allows you download files to an iPhone or iPad as you would to a computer.  When you select the download link for an audio file, the file is placed in the Files section of the application and it can be played back later, even without an internet connection.

Links to free and paid versions for both iPad and iPhone:
EDL Light - Free
EDL Pro - $1.99

Downloader by Savvy Soda
This application can also download files locally to an iOS device.  The app contains ads, and there is a version for both iPhone and iPad.  To save a file, press down on the Download link for a couple seconds, and the file will save to a download folder. Files can be played back from the download folder.

Downloader - Free

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