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Liz Jones

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Under the covering of her parents, Liz grew up knowing the Lord, and cannot remember a time without Him in her life. At the age of 15, she responded to the call of God on her life and committed herself to Him and His work in a serious way, and has never regretted it. Her greatest desire is to know the depths of who God is, and to bring others into the secret places with Him. She is passionate about breaking off religious mindsets that keep people and churches captive, and is one who is commissioned to break through limitations in order to prepare the way for others. Operating in a strong prophetic anointing, she loves to teach, disciple, and empower people, and receives so much joy from seeing them grow and mature into their true identity. She believes that true discipleship and genuine relationship involve sharing life together, whether laughing and sharing stories over a good meal, spending a day at the lake, or simply hanging out with friends and family.