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Pastor Pat McDonald

Apostle, Senior Pastor

Saved in 1972, Pastor Pat has been walking in a steadfast and committed relationship with the Lord and his church ever since. He loves to worship, and above all else, he desires to see God honored and made great in the eyes of people. He has a deep passion for the Word of God, and has given his life to studying, understanding, and applying scriptural truths. Pastor Pat teaches the Word in a way that makes both fundamental and deep scriptural concepts accessible to anyone, and has traveled the world teaching truth and imparting his passion for the Word into those that hear him. Pastor Pat recognizes the value of not only understanding spiritual truths, but also having the wisdom to know how to walk those truths out in a real and practical way that glorifies God. He loves to stay physically active, and can often be found riding his bike, chopping wood, or landscaping his yard.