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David and Dawn Lien

Youth Pastors, Directors of CrossWalk School of Discipleship

Pastor David loves beautifully crafted stories, whether in a good movie or great book, but especially loves the greatest story of all, the story of redemption through Jesus Christ. Having given his life to Christ as a child, he rededicated his life to Jesus as a young man, and now gives his life to helping others see and experience the glory of God. Operating in a strong evangelistic anointing, Pastor David is a preacher and teacher whose heart longs for people to come to the Lord, and to return to the Lord. He wants to see people live in a way where they are able to be their true selves, and to be free from the comparison and competition that rob so many people of joy and fulfillment. His life has been transformed completely by the love of God, and he desires to display that transforming power to give others faith for their own transformation.

Dawn believes that serving God and serving others can not only be fulfilling, but also really fun! Always the adventurer, Dawn is never content with some else’s view of life, but pushes to discover who God really is and what life with Him can really be. She loves to explore the outdoors and travel, and is always up for a little friendly competition. Educated as a nurse, Dawn served for several years as a missionary in both Madagascar and Mozambique, where various experiences and encounters provided a unique perspective on God, people, and life that carries into everything she does. She desires to show people that walking with God doesn’t mean that you have it all together or even have all the answers - that life can sometimes be broken, messy and imperfect - but that is where the grace and beauty of God is often displayed best.

Pastor David and Dawn are the directors of CrossWalk Discipleship School. To learn more about CrossWalk go to crosswalkds.com