Voice of God Prophetic Seminar November 2021

Voice of God Prophetic Seminar November 2021

Thursday, November 11, 2021, 6:00 PM - Saturday, November 13, 2021, 5:00 PM

Location: Word of Life Fellowship, 24630 Hwy 108, Mi Wuk, CA, 95346

As chaos and confusion abound, the world needs prophetic voices who know how to release the purposes and power of God into the earth!  YOU are designed for this!  God desires to communicate with you, in you, and through you. 

As you go through this training, you will be EQUIPPED with scriptural and practical understanding of prophecy and prophetic ministry, and you will be ACTIVATED to both hear and speak the prophetic word of God.   

Believers of every level of experience will find deep scriptural teaching, practical instruction, and interactive application that will both inspire and challenge you, and that will propel you to the next places God has for you!

We offer three different classes of prophetic training at our seminar, which run simultaneously and are integrated at select times during the seminar.  We recommend that first-time attendees take the Level One training.  

Level One: Much more than an introduction to prophecy, this training lays a solid Biblical foundation of prophetic understanding, and will provide practical truths of operation that are essential to anyone who moves in the prophetic realm.  You will be activated to confidently hear the voice of God and to receive and give prophetic words through hands-on training and interactive sessions.  We will explore the scriptural importance of prophecy and the impact that the prophetic ministry has on the church and world today. 

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Level Two: God desires mature men and women who will operate in the prophetic realm with dignity, honor and keen discernment. This training dives deeper into the areas of character, discernment, authority, and the role of the prophet in today's church and in culture at large.  This training will both engage you and challenge you to explore new levels of your prophetic expression.  Pre-requisite for this class: Must have attended Voice of God Level 1.

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Prophecy to Destiny:  Receiving a prophetic word is an invitation to the possible.  But how do you begin to step into the things that God spoke to you? What do you need to do to be positioned for God to use you?  Prophecy to Destiny is designed to help you learn how to partner with God to bring heaven to earth through your life.  Throughout the weekend we will be looking intently at your personal prophecies, and will provide personalized training and tools that will equip you to become all that God has purposed for you.  Pre-requisite for this class: Must have attended Voice of God Level 1, and must have at least one typed or written personal prophetic word to study throughout the class.

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