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Saved in 1972, Pastor Pat has been walking in a steadfast and committed relationship with the Lord and his church ever since. He loves to worship, and above all else, he desires to see God honored and made great in the eyes of people. He has a deep passion for the Word of God, and has given his life to studying, understanding, and applying scriptural truths. Pastor Pat teaches the Word in a way that makes both fundamental and deep scriptural concepts accessible to anyone, and has traveled the world teaching truth and imparting his passion for the Word into those that hear him. Pastor Pat recognizes the value of not only understanding spiritual truths, but also having the wisdom to know how to walk those truths out in a real and practical way that glorifies God. He loves to stay physically active, and can often be found riding his bike, chopping wood, or landscaping his yard.

Pastor Patrick McDonald

Apostle, Senior Pastor

Pastor Celene lives with a consuming passion to serve God and serve people. Her greatest desire is to see men and women grow into all that God has destined for them, embracing the uniqueness of their gifts and God-given abilities. A fierce warrior for the Kingdom of God, she is devoted to raising up the true church that will live victoriously, refusing to settle for nothing less than the fulfilled promises of God’s Word. A consummate hostess, Pastor Celene loves cooking, shopping, and entertaining, and uses these gifts to display God’s beautiful and gracious character to others. Rescued as a child through the steadfast love of God, she desires to live her life as a love offering back to Him, and hopes that her life inspires others to do the same.

Pastor Celene McDonald

Apostle, Senior Pastor

As the Director of the School of Ministry, Pastor Bob desires to bring men and women into a deep, intimate, and mature relationship with Jesus. He is passionate about seeing people set free to walk in their true identity, and he considers it his personal reward when he sees people live in victory. Delivered as a young man from a destructive lifestyle, Pastor Bob lives each day knowing that there was a price paid for him that he can never repay, except to live fully for Christ, devoted to His cause. Pastor Bob operates in a strong prophetic anointing that carries into whatever he does, from teaching and preaching, to counseling, administration, and leadership, as well as coaching sports and youth in the community. A father to many, he is passionate about authentic relationship, and desires to the see the church truly understand how to be friends that are closer than brothers.

Pastor Bob Wilk

Pastor, Director of Spirit School of Ministry

Pastor Jonathan Foley

Executive Pastor, Children's Pastor

Pastor Shelly Foley

Executive Pastor

Pastor David loves beautifully crafted stories, whether in a good movie or great book, but especially loves the greatest story of all, the story of redemption through Jesus Christ. Having given his life to Christ as a child, he rededicated his life to Jesus as a young man, and now gives his life to helping others see and experience the glory of God. Operating in a strong evangelistic anointing, Pastor David is a preacher and teacher whose heart longs for people to come to the Lord, and to return to the Lord. He wants to see people live in a way where they are able to be their true selves, and to be free from the comparison and competition that rob so many people of joy and fulfillment. His life has been transformed completely by the love of God, and he desires to display that transforming power to give others faith for their own transformation.

Dawn believes that serving God and serving others can not only be fulfilling, but also really fun! Always the adventurer, Dawn is never content with some else’s view of life, but pushes to discover who God really is and what life with Him can really be. She loves to explore the outdoors and travel, and is always up for a little friendly competition. Educated as a nurse, Dawn served for several years as a missionary in both Madagascar and Mozambique, where various experiences and encounters provided a unique perspective on God, people, and life that carries into everything she does. She desires to show people that walking with God doesn’t mean that you have it all together or even have all the answers – that life can sometimes be broken, messy and imperfect – but that is where the grace and beauty of God is often displayed best.

Pastor David & Dawn

Youth Pastors, SSOM Year 1 Director

Worship Ministries

Liz is passionate about breaking off religious mindsets that keep people and churches captive, and is one who is commissioned to break through limitations in order to prepare the way for others. Operating in a strong prophetic anointing, she loves to teach, disciple, and empower people, and receives so much joy from seeing them grow and mature into their true identity. She believes that true discipleship and genuine relationship involve sharing life together, whether laughing and sharing stories over a good meal, spending a day at the lake, or simply hanging out with friends and family.

Elisabeth Jones

Worship Director

Campus staff

Bob was introduced at a young age to a relationship with Jesus. After a life-changing encounter in high school, he decided to fully commit his life to serving God in all areas of life. Educated as an Electrical Engineer, Bob retired from 40 years of software development and management in the tech industry. Bob has a passion for excellence and for building and mentoring teams to help and support the ministry in every way possible and to see the Kingdom of God advanced in the earth. He loves being outdoors in God’s creation, backpacking, fishing, skiing or just taking a walk with friends and family.

Bob Kirk


Joe Jones

Facilities Director

Amber Milbourn

Office Manager

Athena Low

Financial Controller


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