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Nurturing Children in the Ways of the Lord: Insights from Ephesians 6

Discover practical wisdom and biblical insights on parenting from Ephesians 6. Learn how to navigate the challenges of raising children while fostering spiritual growth and creating a Christ-centered home environment.

Nurturing Marital Harmony: Insights from Ephesians

Explore insights from Mike Flores’ sermon on nurturing thriving marriages through divine instruction, drawing from Ephesians and reflections on personal experiences.

Walking in Wisdom: A Journey from Darkness to Light

Sermon Summary Pastor Shelly Foley delivers a powerful message on walking in wisdom based on Ephesians 5:8-21. She emphasizes the journey from darkness to light, stressing the importance of leaving behind former ways and embracing the light and life of Christ. Pastor...

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We strongly believe in the world-wide universal church of God, and we also strongly believe that God designed local churches as the place where the universal church is experienced in reality, richness and strength. 


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